December 12, 2023

Australian creators welcome establishment of Copyright and AI reference group

An alliance of 22 creator and creative economy organisations representing 5.9 per cent of Australia’s workforce welcomes the announcement of a Copyright and AI reference group by Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus KC MP. Our organisations represent the emerging and established creators and artists across the creative economy and includes every genre, artform and medium. Whether it’s […]

December 7, 2023

Attorney General announces Copyright and AI reference group

The Attorney General announced on 4 December that the Government is establishing a Copyright and Artificial Intelligence (AI) reference group to better prepare for future copyright challenges emerging from AI. The announcement is here. The announcement followed a series of copyright roundtables initiated by the Attorney General in February 2023. You can see our earlier […]

February 1, 2023

Copyright Agency welcomes Government’s new Cultural Policy

The Federal Government launched its new Cultural Policy, Revive, on 30 January. The Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, and the Minister for the Arts, Tony Burke, both spoke at the launch.     The policy The policy includes recognition of the fundamental role of the copyright system in supporting Australia’s creative industries and workers: The Government […]

June 27, 2022

Copyright Agency is saddened to hear of the passing of Frank Moorhouse

In 1974 Frank was one of a small band of determined volunteers campaigning for respect and financial recognition for Australian creators. His legacy lives on today ensuring that creators are fairly remunerated for their work in a digital environment that provides millions of students with access to high quality educational material. Frank generously gave permission […]

August 13, 2021

Powerful lobby groups seek to use COVID-19 to undermine creators

Local Australian creator groups, including the Australian Society of Authors, Australian Publishers Association, Copyright Agency, APRA AMCOS, Screenrights and ARIA | PPCA have urged powerful education, cultural government entities and big tech not to use the COVID-19 pandemic to undermine creator rights.

August 18, 2020

Government announces copyright changes

On 13 August, the government announced some proposed changes to the Copyright Act. We will keep members informed of further developments.

July 8, 2020

Copyright industries a ‘significant contributor’ to Australian economy

The Australian Copyright Council has released a PwC report measuring the value of Australia’s copyright industries between 2006 and 2018. The three key findings were that the copyright industries: Contributed $124.1 billion to the economy, which amounted to 6.8% of Australia’s GDP Employed more than 1 million people, or 8.3% of the total workforce Generated […]

June 10, 2020

Copyright management and royalty income during COVID-19

With exhibitions, sales, teaching and other sources of casual income in short supply, the licensing income and resale royalties that flow to visual artists are more essential than ever. You’ve been asking for advice during this challenging period, so we’ve compiled some tips and information for you. And as always, the Visual Arts team remains […]