Copyright Agency is saddened to hear of the passing of Frank Moorhouse

June 27, 2022

In 1974 Frank was one of a small band of determined volunteers campaigning for respect and financial recognition for Australian creators.

His legacy lives on today ensuring that creators are fairly remunerated for their work in a digital environment that provides millions of students with access to high quality educational material.

Frank generously gave permission for his work to be used in a copyright test case which came to be known as the Moorhouse case. In that case, the Supreme Court ruled the university authorised material to be copied, in breach of copyright.

As the case progressed, those taking action decided that an agency would be needed to collect the royalties generated by the copying of materials to distribute payments to creators.

Copyright Agency was registered in May 1974 as a not-for-profit agency for this purpose.

Since then, Australian creators have received fair recompense for the copying and sharing of their valuable works.

Vale Frank Moorhouse.

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