Settlement reached with NSW Government

February 10, 2020

Copyright Agency and the State of New South Wales have settled their long-running dispute over the rate that NSW should pay for the use of copyright material by its public servants.

The parties have now settled the arrangements for the past liability back to July 2012 and the payments forward to June 2023. Both parties have agreed what they consider to be fair and equitable arrangements and have now discontinued proceedings in the Copyright Tribunal.

Copyright Agency CEO Adam Suckling says, “The Copyright Act enables governments such as New South Wales to make an unlimited number of uses of copyright material for the services of government. The Act provides for those jurisdictions to make agreements with organisations such as Copyright Agency to pay for the copies made under those arrangements.

“It is pleasing that we have been able to agree a sensible and reasonable outcome for our members with the State,” he added.

Copyright Agency expects to distribute the settlement amount for the outstanding liability to members in the first part of this calendar year.

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