Payments are coming! Update your details

June 1, 2020

Our largest annual payments to members – the Schools and Universities distributions – are coming up in June 2020, along with the TAFE distribution and payments to visual artists.

We know that in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic many of you are anxiously awaiting these distributions. We’re working hard to maintain our schedule with minimal delays, but to help us expedite your payment, we ask that you log in to the Member Portal and check that your banking and contact details are up-to-date.

Nearly 70% of active members have already accessed the new portal. It’s great to hear that you’re finding it easier to navigate, and that managing your information, making claims and understanding payments is much more straightforward.

If you need help finding your way around, take a look at our guide to navigating the new Member Portal. You can find this alongside other membership FAQs on our Help Centre.

Later this year we will be implementing more enhancements. This includes improving visibility of your registered works, as well as making it simpler to create your own payment reports.

Our dedicated project team continues to work virtually to deliver on our commitments to you. We will keep you informed as we get nearer to rolling out the changes.

In the meantime, our Member Services team is on hand to support you. With a 100% satisfaction rating from members, we’re confident that they’ll be able to help answer your questions and make your transition to the new portal as smooth as possible.

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