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September 28, 2020

The Copyright Agency today announces the release of its second major upgrade to our member’s online accounts, greatly improving transparency, support and control over how members view and interact with their works and payments.

The release marks the completion of a two-year project to rebuild the systems we use to make over $100 million in payments to our members each year.

Leveraging the latest in cloud-based technologies, the upgrade was guided by member feedback gathered through a series of workshops and usability sessions.

Here is a summary of what’s new...
Total work visibility

As works move through different workflows, see it change status, so you keep informed and up-to-date. View what the statuses mean on an interactive legend.

Easily view the works we’ve found through our surveys, data sources and research. Search to find a work, or use a Sort & Filters to export what you need. View ‘Details’ of any work to see more information, and update its rights or provide shares if required.

Dynamic payment reports

Dynamic payment reports

Finding any payment is easy.  Your payment history is now centralised in one place, and you can search by title, payment ID or an ISN for publications to quickly view all payments by work.

Add the power of sort and filters and date ranges, and you can clearly see the source of your revenue by Licence Sector over a time period you choose. Taxes and deductions update to reflect your selection, so you don’t need to calculate anything yourself. If you are an agent or publisher, you can also filter all payments by other accounts you control, making it easy to report on payments under an imprint or by an author. Easily export what you need.

For example, see the total amount paid to your account for a work title that received payments from Universities from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018.

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Manage your licence options

Control which of our licensing scheme options you can receive payments from, like commercial, pay-per-use or international, through a simple opt-in or out in your account settings. This is in addition to payments from statutory licences like for education or government, if our surveys and research finds the work is used by these sectors.

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Stronger account security

Since we make payments to you, we know your account needs to be kept secure. We’re introduced extra measures to help protect your account from fraud and to communicate quickly with you should sensitive details change.

Now, we’ll log you out after 15 minutes of inactivity, and if you update your bank details, email or mobile number, we will require you to enter a code to confirm that the person making the update is really you. We will email you straight away when updates are made to your account relating to bank or personal details that is required to access your account, like your email, so you are kept informed and can report any suspicious activity to us.

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Access by invite only

Invite others to join your account, and set their permissions to allow what they can do on your behalf. Others will automatically be prompted to create their own password and manage their own access. No more sharing log in details. Your password is yours only.

This feature is particularly useful if you want to share your account with an agent, accountant, or someone else within your organisation.

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Help where you need it

Our Help Centre is now inside your Member Portal, so you can easily access the support you need, without having to know what to search for on our website. All of our Help Centre materials are in plain English, illustrated with examples, and allow you to comment or ask us a question.

If you do get stuck, you can also quickly access a real person from our Member Services team using the Online Chat from any page.

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