Mireille Juchau: novelist, essayist, critic and winner of the 2020 Pascall Prize for Arts Criticism.

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I’m actually delighted to be recognised by the Pascall Prize, especially because it’s valuing a specialist field that’s really under threat at the moment. And I’d love to thank the judges, the Walkley Foundation, and the Copyright Agency for supporting this vital work of arts criticism.

Mireille Juchau won the 2020 Pascall Prize for Arts Criticism for a trio of essays published in newyorker.com and The Monthly, “How Dreams Change Under Authoritarianism,” “Twilight Knowing: Jenny Offill’s Weather” and “Missing Witnesses: Valeria Luiselli’s Lost Children’s Archive

The judges said: “In a strong and diverse field of entries, Juchau stood out for her insightful contextualisation of the work, elegant storytelling and depth of research. The Sydney-based novelist and critic’s standout review [“How Dreams Change Under Authoritarianism”] revisits a 1966 book about dreaming in Nazi Germany and considers the ways authoritarian regimes – past and present – can impact the collective unconscious.”

You can read more about Mireille being interviewed in the current issue of the Walkley Magazine.
Copyright Agency Cultural Fund has supported The Walkley Award for Arts Journalism and the Walkley Pascall Prize for Arts Criticism since 2018. The Pascall Prize is also supported by the Geraldine Pascall Foundation. Past winners include inaugural winner Delia Falconer and Jeff Sparrow in 2019.

Main photo by Shane Reid from Mireille’s website.

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