Landmark new licensing deal recognises the value of quality Australian news

October 19, 2020

Copyright Agency and Streem today announce the signing of a new, industry-leading licensing agreement that sets a benchmark for valuing news content in the digital era.

The deal with Copyright Agency (CA) makes Streem the most broadly CA-licensed media monitoring organisation (MMO) operating in Australia, with access to the widest array of content, and guarantees customers continuity of licensing into the future. It replaces the previous agreement between the two parties.

The new agreement licenses content from Australia’s leading publishers – including News Corp, Nine Publishing, WAN, ARE Media (formerly Bauer), Australian Associated Press (AAP) and thousands more independent publishers and content producers across the country – for use by corporate and government clients.

“Streem has always been a champion of Australia’s news media, its business model and the influence of its original reporting,” Streem CEO Elgar Welch said.

“This new licensing agreement is a major step forward in altering the economics of paying for news, while giving customers enhanced rights that don’t exist with our competitors.”

CEO of Copyright Agency Adam Suckling hailed the agreement as a 21st century licensing framework that responds to major changes in the media landscape.

“This is a huge win for Australian journalism, at a time when media business models face challenges,” he said.

“This agreement positions Australia at the forefront of capturing payment for digital use of content and ensuring that publishers are fairly remunerated for their work.

“The new licence covers everything from agenda-setting news to community-based reporting, as well as Australia’s most in-depth coverage of business, politics and government. It also covers a wide range of international titles and gives customers global rights.”

Under the agreement, money will flow to publishers for the use of all news content by corporate and government clients, be it an item from print, behind-the-paywall online access or digital snippets.

“Streem believes better outcomes can be achieved when parties work together to maximise the value of news content to enterprise,” Welch said.

“The licence between Streem and CA has increased the rights for media monitoring organisations and their customers, enhanced payments to publishers and set a benchmark for the industry, be it media monitoring or technology companies. We thank CA for its leadership in this space.”

Media enquiries

Copyright Agency: Kate Pasterfield; e:; m: 0450 991 774

Streem: Conal Hanna; e:; m: 0432 428 186

About Copyright Agency

Copyright Agency is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that enables the reuse of text and images in return for fair payment to creators. Copyright Agency represents some of Australia’s largest publishers including News Corp, Nine Publishing, WAN and ARE Media.

About Streem

Streem is Australia’s leading comprehensive and realtime media monitoring, analysis and media data provider, delivering Print, Online, TV, Radio and Social content to the country’s largest organisations. A media-technology company, Streem’s customers include Telstra, Qantas, the Commonwealth Bank and multiple federal and state government departments.

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