Cookbook licensed Sallyanne Roberts artwork as cover image for second edition

August 29, 2023

Copyright Agency recently licensed Sallyanne Roberts’ artwork Kuru Ala as the cover image for the second edition of Flavours of Australia, a cookbook and culinary guide showcasing Australia’s best restaurants and top chefs, published by Sunday Press.






Flavours of Australia is a cookbook that shares more than 500 pages worth of the best spots for food and beverages all over Australia. The cookbook also features top chefs in Australia sharing their signature recipes as well as photographs illustrating the beauty of Australian food and art.

For the second edition of the book, Sunday Press licensed Sallyanne Roberts’ artwork Kuru Ala as the cover image. Sallyanne Roberts is a Pitjantjatjara artist whose work depicts the Country Kura Ala; a special place for women. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions all over Australia since 2011 and she is currently a studio artist with Iwantja Arts.

© Sallyanne Roberts courtesy of Iwantja Art Centre/Copyright Agency, 2023.