Resale Royalty Update (August 2023)

August 29, 2023

Here’s an update and a refresher on Resale Royalty:

  • Artists, could your resold artworks be eligible for a payment?  If you are aware of a resale and would like to check if a royalty may be due, please contact us.
  • You’ve heard people talk about first and second resale but those terms can be confusing. A quick way to know if royalty applies is asking this question: When did the person who is selling the work, take title of the work from either the artist or a later owner?  If the answer is after June 8, 2010, then royalty will be payable, if all the other criteria are met.
  • We’ve been working with the government and international partners, so we can soon provide more information on International Reciprocity and the progress towards its introduction.  In the meantime, for art market professionals – resales of overseas artists’ work in Australia will follow the same process we have today for the resales of Australian artists’ work, nothing different would be required of you. For artists – the resales of your work overseas will follow the Resale Royalty Right as it operates in the reciprocating country (there are some variations that we will explain), and you will be provided with the resale information and the royalty payment.

If you have a question about resale royalty, our guide may assist, or please contact the Resale Royalty team:

Contact us:

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Tristan Chant
Visual Artists Stakeholder and Community Manager

Makeeta Ratulevu
Indigenous Engagement Manager

Judy Grady
Head of Visual Arts