UK report on creative industries’ perspectives on AI

December 21, 2023

UK’s Copyright Licensing Agency has recently released a report on attitudes to artificial intelligence (AI) in UK’s creative industries. Titled ‘Friend or Foe? Attitudes to Generative Artificial Intelligence Among the Creative Community’, its research of attitudes found that:

  • 79% of respondents believe that the UK’s ability to earn from its creativity will be impacted by AI
  • 53% of respondents think AI should be ‘paused’ to enable the sector to ‘catch-up’ on regulation
  • 77% of respondents are confident that AI will eventually deliver fair compensation

The report is available here.

In our survey of members in July 2023, a large majority of respondents said that they were worried about the implications of AI for their profession or business. Key concerns were:

  • use of content without permission
  • lack of transparency about the source of outputs
  • use of generative AI without ethical and legal frameworks
  • lack of transparency about inputs
  • lack of fair compensation
  • bias and/or misleading information
  • the threat to my industry, my work, or my business
  • inappropriate use of First Nations culture