UK Parliamentary Group issues report on AI and music

May 6, 2024

The UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Music has published a report with recommendations relating to artificial intelligence (AI) and music.

You can see the report here.

The report also includes some results of research on attitudes to AI and music (full results of survey here). The research outcomes included:

  • Over four out of five (83%) of UK adults agree that if AI has been used to generate a song it should be clearly labelled.
  • 77% of UK adults agree that AI generated music that does not acknowledge the original music’s creators amounts to theft.
  • Four out of five (80%) of UK adults agree that the law should prevent an artist’s music from being used to train an AI application without their knowledge or permission.

The report’s eight recommendations include:

  • The Government should introduce a standalone obligation for AI developers and those using Large Language Models (LLMs) to comply with record keeping requirements for all data sets used for ingestion, not solely limited to personal data.
  • The Government should promote compliance with UK copyright law, requiring stakeholders to obtain express permission before using copyrighted material, and educating music creators and rightsholders on their rights.
  • As a condition of market access, the Government should require Large Language Models (LLMs) to comply with UK copyright provisions, even if the services or goods they have developed are created in compliance with the laws outside the UK.