Open licence for newspaper content

Copyright Agency has worked with newspaper publishers to develop a licence that allows use of newspaper content in certain circumstances without payment.

It is for non-commercial and non-editorial uses that may otherwise require copyright permission.

It is not for journalists reporting news, which is covered by specific copyright exceptions.


Copyright Agency, acting as agent for the publishers, grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to reproduce or communicate Australian newspaper and magazine articles (“Content”) as published by Fairfax Media, Bauer Media, News Corporation, West Australian Newspapers, Elliot Newspaper Group, Pacific Magazines, Torch Publishing and Border Watch Pty Ltd, in their hardcopy or digital formats in the following circumstances:

  1. In PHD theses and dissertations created in the course of full or part-time study at a recognised school or university provided that the PHD, thesis or dissertation is not published.
  2. In a short quotation of a maximum of 20 words in length, excluding use for advertising, endorsement purposes or commercial gain, providing a media monitoring or media analysis service or publication in a commercially or publicly available publication.
  3. Communicating the headline from up to 5 articles from an edition of an Australian Newspaper or Magazine on a personal blog along with a link back to the publisher’s website, excluding blogs that receive a revenue stream from advertising or endorsements/paid posts.
  4. Reproducing up to 5 articles from any edition of an Australian Newspaper or Magazine for use in family history books. This excludes the use of those articles if that book becomes commercially available.
  5. Communicating a bare link to an article on a publisher’s website, excluding a link that provides unauthorised access behind a publisher’s paywall.
  6. Use of Content published before 1955 where the author of that Content cannot be identified.

In using the Content you agree that:

  1. you will not use, publish, communicate, display or distribute the Content except as permitted by this Open Licence, or with the prior written permission of Copyright Agency or the copyright owner;
  2. you will not alter, modify or scan the Content in any manner except for those expressly permitted by this Open Licence;
  3. the licence granted by these terms does not extend to the use of any photograph, illustration or other graphic that may appear together with the text of the Content. You will need to contact the relevant rightsholder in order to seek a licence for any photograph, illustration or other graphic associated with particular Content;
  4. Copyright Agency, at its sole discretion, may revoke this Open Licence at any time;
  5. you will not remove any copyright notices or other rights management information, nor use any device or service to circumvent any technological protection measure incorporated in the Content;
  6. you will ensure that use of the Content clearly identifies the names of the author and publisher, the title and date of publication of the Content and includes an acknowledgment in the following terms: “This work has been licensed under Copyright Agency’s Open Licence. Except as permitted by the Copyright Act, you must not re-use this work without the permission of the copyright owner or Copyright Agency.”;
  7. where you are an educational institution or government department, you will not make further reproductions or communications of the Content other than in reliance on Part VB or Part VII Division 2 of the Copyright Act 1968
  8. you will not use the Content in a prohibited context including but not limited to indecent, obscene or pornographic material, hate speech, illegal subject matter or activities that would reflect poorly on Copyright Agency, the author or the rightsholder.


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