In February 2023, Universities Australia and Copyright Agency reached a settlement agreement regarding the copyright licence fees (equitable remuneration) payable by the 39 universities represented by Universities Australia until 2026, and the balance of fees for 2019 to 2022.

The joint announcement by Universities Australia and Copyright Agency is here.

Under the agreement, equitable remuneration payable by the 39 universities (jointly) is as follows:

  • 2019–22: $31 million per year
  • 2023–24: $28.5 million per year
  • 2025–26: $27.5 million per year

There are about 130,000 university staff and about 1.4 million university students in this sector (see here).

The agreement also establishes a working party to develop mechanisms for data collection on the copying and sharing of content in the university sector.

In the meantime, the university sector is continuing to provide data on electronic use from samples of universities.

We have separate agreements with universities that are not members of Universities Australia: see here for information about our licences with ‘private education providers’.

20 March 2023