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NamePseudonymDOBLicensing Restrictions
Yunupingu, MangalayYunupingu, Mangalay; Mangalay YunupinguSubmit request
Yunupingu, JeffreyYunupingu, JeffreySubmit request
Yunupingu, JulieYunupingu, JulieSubmit request
Yunupingu, PriscillaYunupingu, Priscilla; Priscilla YunupinguSubmit request
YUNUPINGU, DelaYUNUPINGU, Dela; Dela YUNUPINGUCopyright licensing for Australian & NZ auction houses only, and all international licensingSubmit request
Yupanqui, LuisYupanqui, Luis; Luis YupanquiSubmit request
Yurdagul, NaneciYurdagul, Naneci; Yurdagül, Naneci; Naneci Yurdagül1979Submit request
Yurrwila, JamesYurrwila, James; James Yurrwila1962Submit request
Yurrwila, JamesYurrwila, JamesSubmit request
Yuwalarra, Freddie DalthanguFreddy Yulwarra; Yuwalarra, Freddie Dalthangu1967Submit request
Yuwari, WilliamYuwari, William; William YuwariSubmit request
Yuwati, Tony BindinYuwati, Tony Bindin; Tony Bindin YuwatiSubmit request
Yvergniaux, JacquesYvergniaux, Jacques; Jacques Yvergniaux1958Submit request
Yvonne Audette1930Submit request
Yvonne Und Klaus Goulbier Kunstlerteam, YvonneYvonne Und Klaus Goulbier Kunstlerteam, YvonneSubmit request
Yxhufvud, KattarinaYxhufvud, Kattarina; Kattarina Yxhufvud1956Submit request

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