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NamePseudonymDOBLicensing Restrictions
Gwerk, EdmundGwerk, Edmund; Edmund GwerkSubmit request
Gwinner, FlorianGwinner, Florian; Florian Gwinner1977Submit request
Gybrant, LennartGybrant, Lennart; Lennart Gybrant1949Submit request
Gyenes Remenyi, JuanJuan Gyenes; Gyenes Remenyi, Juan; Juan Gyenes Remenyi1912Submit request
Gyhlenius, GunillaGyhlenius, Gunilla; Gunilla Gyhlenius1941Submit request
Gylikis, VidmantasGYLIKIS, VIDMANTAS; VIDMANTAS GYLIKIS1954Submit request
Gyllander, PatrikGyllander, Patrik; Patrik Gyllander1968Submit request
Gyllenhammar, TuridGyllenhammar, Turid; Turid Gyllenhammar1957Submit request
Gyllenhammar, CharlotteGyllenhammar, Charlotte; Charlotte Gyllenhammar1963Submit request
Gyllenskoeld, VanjaGyllenskoeld, Vanja; Vanja Gyllenskoeld1962Submit request
Gyllensvaerd, GeorgGyllensvaerd, Georg; Georg Gyllensvaerd1909Submit request
Gyllerfelt, AndersGyllerfelt, Anders; Anders Gyllerfelt1953Submit request
Gyllestrand, SaraGyllestrand, Sara; Sara Gyllestrand1970Submit request
Gyllstrom, KatyGyllstrom, Katy; Gyllström, Katy; Katy Gyllström1933Submit request
Gylys, AntanasGYLYS, ANTANAS; ANTANAS GYLYS1932Submit request
Gynning, LarsGynning, Lars; Lars Gynning1920Submit request
Gypen, CedricGypen, Cedric; Gypen, Cédric; Cédric GypenSubmit request
Gys, RonnyGYS, Ronny; Ronny GYSSubmit request
Gysbrechts, MarijkeGYSBRECHTS, Marijke; Marijke GYSBRECHTSSubmit request
Gyselinck, VincentGYSELINCK, Vincent; Vincent GYSELINCKSubmit request
Gyselinck, AlfonsGyselinck, Alfons; Alfons GyselinckSubmit request
Gysens, MarcGYSENS, Marc; Marc GYSENSSubmit request
Gyurkovitz, FrantisekGyurkovitz, Frantisek; Frantisek GyurkovitzSubmit request

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