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NamePseudonymDOBLicensing Restrictions
Yang, SukyunYang, Sukyun; Sukyun Yang1966Submit request
Yang, Young-HeeYang, Young-Hee; Young-Hee Yang1951Submit request
Yang, CharissaYang, Charissa; Charissa YangSubmit request
Yang-En, Hume Elizabeth JaneYang-En; Hume Elizabeth Yang-En; Yang-En, Hume Elizabeth Jane1985Submit request
Yanganiny, JimmyYanganiny, JimmySubmit request
Yangathu, Dorothy GamajunYangathu, Dorothy GamajunSubmit request
Yangathu, FionaYangathu, FionaSubmit request
Yangaygay, Roy MalibirrYangaygay, Roy Malibirr; Roy Malibirr YangaygaySubmit request
Yangki, JulieYangki, JulieSubmit request
Yangki, AmyYangki, AmySubmit request
Yanima, PunaYanima, Puna; Puna YanimaSubmit request
Yanima, JaunaYanima, JaunaSubmit request
Yanima, LeslieYanima, Leslie; Leslie YanimaSubmit request
Yanima, NeritaYanima, Nerita; Nerita YanimaSubmit request
Yankarr, Paji HoneychildYankarr, Paji Honeychild; Paji Honeychild Yankarr1914Submit request
Yanome, YuichiroYanome, Yuichiro; Yuichiro YanomeSubmit request
Yanow, VanessaYanow, Vanessa; Vanessa YanowSubmit request
Yanson, JohnYanson, John; John YansonSubmit request
Yao, QingmeiYAO, Qingmei; Qingmei YAO1982Submit request
Yaouba, NafissaYAOUBA, Nafissa; Nafissa YAOUBASubmit request
Yap, RoselynT.I.T.S; T.I.T.S; Yap, Roselyn; Roselyn Yap1976Submit request
Yapa Tjangala, GeorgeYapa Tjangala, GeorgeCopyright licensing for Australian & NZ auction houses only, and all international licensingSubmit request
Yararwanga, LucyYararwanga, Lucy; Lucy YararwangaSubmit request
Yarrabi, KatherineYarrabi, KatherineSubmit request
Yarrack, BettyBetty May Williams; Yarrack, BettySubmit request
Yass, CatherineYass, Catherine; Catherine YassSubmit request
Yassef, VirginieVirginie Yassef; Yassef, Virginie1970Submit request

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