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NamePseudonymDOBLicensing Restrictions
Gaintseva, Ludmila JurevnaGaintseva, Ludmila Jurevna; Ludmila Jurevna GaintsevaSubmit request
Gajalnga, GregoryGajalnga, Gregory; Gregory GajalngaSubmit request
Gajda, JanGAJDA, Jan; Jan GAJDASubmit request
Gajda, VladislavGAJDA, Vladislav; Vladislav GAJDASubmit request
Gajic, SladjanGajic, Sladjan; Sladjan Gajic1965Submit request
Gakuya, JohnGakuya, John; John GakuyaSubmit request
Gal, JaromirGAL, Jaromir; Jaromir GALSubmit request
Gal, Damien-PaulDPG; GAL, Damien-Paul; Damien-Paul GAL; DPG1976Submit request
Gal Orendain, CarmenMenchu Gal; Carmen Gal Orendain; Gal Orendain, Carmen1918Submit request
Gala, Shane ForresterGala, Shane Forrester; Shane Forrester GalaCopyright licensing for Australian & NZ auction houses only, and all international licensingSubmit request
Galaen, MagneGalaen, Magne; Galåen, Magne; Magne Galåen1923Submit request
Galaledba, DorothyGalaledba, Dorothy; Dorothy GalaledbaSubmit request
Galalingu, Timmy WamutGalalingu, Timmy Wamut; Timmy Wamut Galalingu1961Submit request
Galaminda, ElizabethGalaminda, Elizabeth; Elizabeth Galaminda1950Submit request
Galaminda, BunugGalaminda, Bunug; Bunug Galaminda1947Submit request
Galaminda, LisaGalaminda, Lisa; Lisa Galaminda1979Submit request
Galan Fuentes, AntonioTono Galán; Galan Fuentes, Antonio; Galán Fuentes, Antonio; Antonio Galán Fuentes1967Submit request
Galan Suarez, Jose AntonioPepe Galán; Galan Suarez, Jose Antonio; Galán Suárez, José Antonio; José Antonio Galán Suárez1955Submit request
Galand, NicolasGaland, Nicolas; Nicolas GalandSubmit request
Galang, Selena BulanjanGalang, Selena Bulanjan; Selena Bulanjan GalangSubmit request
Galangalwuy, DavidGalangalwuy, David; David GalangalwuySubmit request
Galanini, WendyGalanini, Wendy; Wendy GalaniniSubmit request
Galanini, Tracey BangadinytjanGalanini, Tracey Bangadinytjan; Tracey Bangadinytjan Galanini1945Submit request
Galanini Yunupingu, Wendy BaraninjanGalanini Yunupingu, Wendy Baraninjan; Wendy Baraninjan Galanini Yunupingu1959Submit request
Galante, VeroniqueGalante, Veronique; Galante, Véronique; Véronique Galante1964Submit request
Galas, KonstantinGALAS, Konstantin; Konstantin GALASSubmit request
Galas, FabioGalas, Fabio; Fabio GalasSubmit request
Galatsky, VladimirGalatsky, Vladimir; Vladimir Galatsky1929Submit request
Galatsky Batalov, IrinaGalatsky Batalov, Irina; Irina Galatsky Batalov1956Submit request
Galaz Copecchiacci, GasparGalaz Copecchiacci, Gaspar; Gaspar Galaz CopecchiacciSubmit request

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