People who create material published in newspapers and magazines – such as articles, opinion pieces and cartoons – can be entitled to payments from Copyright Agency.

This will depend on the arrangements with the publisher in each case.

Work created by you as Licence fees allocated for Provided
Freelancer Any use of your work You have not assigned the entitlement to claim to the publisher (check your contract)
Employee of newspaper or magazine
  • photocopying from a paper version
  • reproduction in a book (print or digital)
You have not assigned the entitlement to claim for these uses to your employer (check your employment contract)

If a work was created by you as part of your job as an employee of another type of business (e.g. a wire service, or a broadcaster), it is unlikely you are entitled to payments from us, unless there is a special provision in your employment contract.

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Writers’ Royalty Claim

If your written works have been published in books, edited collections or anthologies, journals, magazines or newspapers, you may be eligible to partake in the Writers’ Royalty Claim for a royalty from the Copyright Agency.

Writers’ Royalty Claim applications must be submitted by 5pm (EST) Monday, 19 November 2018.

Apply for a writers’ royalty 

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24 May 2018

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Keith Austin [Photo © Bryan Sun]

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Keith Austin

Author • Journalist

I like telling stories, I like creating people and worlds and situations that people enjoy reading...It always seemed such a magical thing to do - to tell stories that wormed their way into people's hearts and brains. What better way to spend your life!

Photo by Bryan Sun

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