Surveyors are entitled to payments for the sale of their survey plans by government departments and agencies if they retain copyright. Membership also assists us to collect fair compensation for the ‘communication’ as well as copying of survey plans.


Copyright Agency has distributed over $7.9 million dollars to surveyors across the country since the scheme began.

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We have compiled a list of NSW and Victorian surveyors who have appeared in our data and are entitled to a royalty payment from us, but they need to become Copyright Agency members before we can pay them. If you recognise a friend or colleague, please encourage them to contact our Member Services team at:

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Wayne Diver-Tuck [Photo © Caitlin Hicks]

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Wayne Diver-Tuck

Featured • Surveyor Profile Series

It is extremely rewarding to be involved in the whole process, from pre-purchase due diligence, to surveys for the design, to setting out marks that enable the builder to build the building, and then to plan and carry out the complex subdivisions and strata plans for the site.

Photo by Caitlin Hicks

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