March 20, 2024

Resale Royalty international reciprocity is imminent

The Resale Royalty Right for Visual Artists Act 2009 (the Resale Act) allows for reciprocal resale rights to be established with countries that have an operating resale royalty scheme and which entitle Australian rights holders to benefit. Under these arrangements, Australian artists will receive royalties when their eligible works are resold in reciprocating countries, and […]

John Wolseley

February 20, 2024

Resale royalty – estates, beneficiaries, and the acquisition date

One of the criteria that determines if a resale is eligible for a royalty payment is when the owner of the work acquired it.  If an artwork existed as at 9 June 2010 (the start of the scheme), there is no royalty payable on the first resale of that work. This means that a person […]

June 1, 2023

The Resale Royalty Right for Visual Artists 2010 to 2023

As we approach the 13th anniversary of the Resale Royalty Right, we celebrate the milestone of $13 million in royalties generated by the scheme. The Resale Royalty Right recognises artists ongoing rights in their work and provides them with a share of its ongoing value. Here’s how the scheme is performing: $13 million Over $13.3 […]

September 30, 2022

$12 million, artists and the Resale Royalty Right

The number of artists benefitting from the Resale Royalty Right continues to grow. The scheme has now reached the milestone of $12 million in royalties generated for artists, plus we see new artists come into the scheme each year – in 2020-21 over 200 artists had their first resale eligible for a royalty payment. Here’s what […]

March 26, 2021

Can Blockchain assist with Resale Royalty?

Blockchain is once again hitting headlines, with Bitcoin more than doubling in value since December 2020, plus the high-value sale of an NFT.

October 15, 2020

Giving back through voluntary resale payments

Resales of artworks acquired before 9 June 2010 do not meet the criteria for a royalty payment – but they need not miss out altogether.

June 11, 2020

10 years of Resale Royalty for Australian artists

9 June 2020 marked a decade of the Resale Royalty Right for Visual Artists in Australia. The Copyright Agency is appointed by the Australian Government to collect and pay royalties to artists when their work is resold. Under the Resale Royalty Scheme, a 5% royalty is payable on certain resales worth $1,000 or more. You […]

June 10, 2020

Copyright management and royalty income during COVID-19

With exhibitions, sales, teaching and other sources of casual income in short supply, the licensing income and resale royalties that flow to visual artists are more essential than ever. You’ve been asking for advice during this challenging period, so we’ve compiled some tips and information for you. And as always, the Visual Arts team remains […]