Introducing the Content Café

May 4, 2018

Copyright Agency is a supporter of, and contributor to, the Content Café, a hub for copyright information from Creative Content Australia. This platform exists to promote constructive, accurate and informative perspectives on copyright and the role it plays in creativity and innovation, especially for the screen industry.

You might be familiar with the screen industry’s ‘Thank you campaign’. The short video shows creative people involved in the screen industry thanking Australians for watching shows the way they are intended to be viewed – legally.

This campaign is one of many put together by Creative Content Australia (formerly IP Awareness Foundation) to demonstrate the amount of people, skills, and creative labour it takes to produce television shows and movies. Creative industries provide real jobs and wages, but content piracy undermines that creative economy.

The Content Café is a wonderful resource to learn more about copyright, digital piracy and how to legally access the best in Australian film and television. To find out more, head to

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