Koda Capital helps to keep creators creating with a Copyright Agency licence

February 4, 2019

Copyright Agency’s core business is to collect copyright fees and distribute the royalties to our 40,000+ creator members for the reuse of text and images. We collect royalties from the education, government and business sectors.

One such business is Koda Capital. An independent wealth manager to high-net-worth individuals, families and charitable institutions, Koda has 37 Partners and advises over $5b in client assets. Since 2017, Koda have worked with Copyright Agency to ensure they comply with copyright laws in Australia.

The team at Koda know from experience the importance of protecting intellectual property. “Much of the financial and investment advice we provide to our clients hinges on exclusive availability,” says Founding Partner and Chief Operating Officer Andrew Rutherford. “So, the idea of copyright compliance resonates strongly with us.”

“We share a lot of news publicly, internally and directly with clients. For example, we might post a news article on our website, or send it to a client or team member.”

As most literary and visual works are protected by copyright, companies that share content such as text, tables, graphs or images created by a third party will usually require permission from the copyright owner to reproduce and share.

Given the frequency with which the Koda Capital team shares articles, both internally with staff and externally with clients, obtaining a Copyright Agency licence enabled them to be compliant with publishers’ terms and conditions, as well as Australian copyright law. “We want to make sure that the creators and distributors of the content we use are rewarded fairly for their work,” Mr Rutherford says.

Businesses are demonstrating their respect for creators more than ever by taking annual copyright licences. In 2018, 150 new businesses purchased copyright licences, including Qantas, Multiplex, City of Sydney Council, MLC Investments, SMSF Association and the NRL.

Businesses with a current licence are able to promote their compliance and support for Australian creators by displaying the Good Copyright Governance tick on their website.

Further information in relation to purchasing a licence for your business is available on our website as well as content from our current licensees.

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