Manage copyright protected course materials easily with FLEX – cloud-based library platform

February 19, 2021

As 2021 is well underway and the COVID-19 changes keep transforming the VET sector, the popularity of online training programs continues with many providers looking to permanently integrate this element into their business. To facilitate this drive and assist your RTOs to manage their copyright compliance, the Copyright Agency has developed a platform called FLEX – a cloud-based library that makes using third party book and journal excerpts under the Statutory Education Licence easier and faster.

Your RTO has an obligation to comply with all relevant legislation, including the Copyright Act 1968. The Statutory Education Licence is a blanket licence under the Copyright Act that allows RTOs to copy and share both hardcopy and digital third party text and images for educational purposes without obtaining individual approvals from the copyright owners.

The FLEX platform is automatically available to all RTOs with a Statutory Education Licence agreement in place with Copyright Agency. Many educational institutions all around Australia are already using FLEX to take out the time-consuming element of preparing course material every semester.

FLEX works with existing learning management systems and enables you to:

  • simply store and access your own book and journal extracts and use scanned copies uploaded by other providers
  • easily check copyright compliance and quickly compile in a single, central location
  • access high quality digital resources directly from leading textbook publishers
  • easily assign content to students
  • receive detailed student engagement and usage reporting.

Find out more about FLEX here, and head off here to be granted access to the platform.
Not sure if your organisation is covered by the Statutory Education Licence? Check here.

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