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Independent Colleges and RTOs

Sourcing quality teaching material and diverse content from textbooks, research papers, newspapers, reports, websites, blogs, journals and newsletters is essential to meeting both student and teacher expectations and to achieving the best possible education outcomes. But you may be surprised to learn that unless you have permission to reuse content, you could be infringing someone’s copyright and breaching the Copyright Act.

In addition to arrangements with peak bodies for schools and universities, the Copyright Agency also has individual agreements with more than 1,000 other education providers, including private independent colleges, RTOs, training arms, community colleges and kindergartens.

Is your college licensed?

Download a list of Independently Licensed Educational Institutions that are covered by an agreement.

If your institution is not currently covered, you will need an Agreement to legally copy and share educational resources.

APPLY FOR a Licence

To apply for the Education Statutory Licence, either call 1800 066 844 (toll free within Australia) or +61 2 9394 7600, or email

Further licensing information

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You can contact Education Licensing on 1800 066 844 (toll free within Australia) or
+61 2 9394 7600, or by email at

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