How the licence works

The Statutory Education Licence allows all staff to copy and share text and images from anywhere in the world, such as extracts from books and journals, for educational purposes without having to seek permission.

Under the Licence you can:

  • copy and share extracts of text, and images, from printed and digital sources including books, journals, magazines, newspapers, posters, photographs, maps, eBooks and online sources including the internet
  • make copies by photocopying, printing, scanning and photographing
  • make as many copies as you need for educational purposes
  • make copies offsite
  • make text and images available on a learning management system
  • share text and images with students via email or other messaging services
  • adapt and compile with other resources or text written by teachers

Please note:

  • Screenrights manages the application of the Education Statutory Licence to TV and radio broadcast content; you need a separate agreement with Screenrights to copy and share this material.
  • For information regarding the licensing of musical works and sound recordings, please contact OneMusic Australia.


“As an education provider, the Statutory Education Licence is essential to allow us to legally communicate and distribute
materials to our staff and students, whilst also fairly compensating the producers of that material.”

– Kerrie Stevens,
Director of Library Services, Alphacrucis College


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How much can you copy with a licence?

Here are a few examples*.

Content type For works not commercially available, you can copy: For works that are available for purchase, you can copy:
Text books 100% of work A ‘reasonable portion’, e.g. 1 chapter, or 10% of the pages – whichever is greater
Articles from newspapers and journals 100% of work 1 article (or more than 1 if they are on the same subject)
Documents downloaded from a website 100% of work A ‘reasonable portion’
Digital images Any digital image from any source Any digital image from any source
Hardcopy images Any hardcopy image from any source If surrounded by text

* This is a guide that applies to individually licensed educational institutions only. Your licence agreement will contain further information about copying limits.



The cost of a Statutory Education Licence is tailored to your educational institution. You can calculate your price and proceed to purchase your licence online in minutes.

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The agreement commences from the 1 January of every year, irrespective of when you sign up. This means that you are permitted to copy and communicate third party text and images under the Statutory Education Licence from the moment you enter into an agreement with us.


What happens after I get a licence?

Shortly after your agreement starts, you’ll gain access to the Copyright Agency’s Knowledge Hub, an information centre to helps you better understand how to reuse content under the licence terms and provides short, easy-to-follow training videos and resources. You can also onboard others in your organisation by sharing information provided here.

Every quarter you will receive the Copyright Agency’s Education Plus e-newsletter, packed with:

Copyright law and industry news

Licensing agreement updates

Best practice case studies

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complementary access to FLEX

Once the Statutory Education Licence is in place, your institution will also have complementary access to FLEX, the new online platform developed by the Copyright Agency to help librarians, content managers and academics prepare course reading material simply and efficiently.

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