An update on member payments


Here are some updates for our members on changes to forthcoming payments.

Schools distribution in June

As you know from previous editions of Creative Licence, we have agreed with school sector representatives that schools surveys in their pre-Covid form will not take place this year. We are continuing to work with the school sector on future methods of data collection using modern technologies, including running pilots of alternative survey data collection in schools selected in the 2021 sample surveys.

There will be some changes in the way we distribute the licence fees from schools in June. The main changes are:

  • Using schools survey data from the previous six years rather than just two years
  • Allocations will be made to publications (such as books and journals) rather than granular components (such as a text extract or images). If those books have payment shares registered, payments will be made directly to writers and illustrators (if they are a shareholder).
  • An increase in the amount set aside for the annual Image Royalty Claim to include artistic works copied without text: artist recipients for those works will receive their payment from that distribution; and
  • An amount set aside for the annual Writers’ Royalty Claim, for writers of articles published in newspapers, magazines and journals, and works published in anthologies and edited collections (such as poems and essays)

April Payments

Our payments in April include licence fees from:

  • Governments
  • Individually licensed education institutions (like registered training organisations)
  • Commercial businesses, and
  • International (Authors Licensing and Collecting Society in the UK).

View our Distribution Schedule

Make sure your payment details are up-to-date by logging into the Member Portal and checking your profile. Find out how to update your bank details.

Payment shares for books

The recently upgraded Member Portal has simplified the processes for publishers to provide payment shares for books and for creators to request a payment share, so each person/entity can be paid their share for a book directly. Since late October, we have received payment shares for about 4,000 titles.

If you’re a creator, read our Guide to Requesting Payment Shares
If you’re a publisher, read our Guide to Providing Shares.

For questions or assistance, chat with us online or visit our Help Centre. If you don’t find the answer you need on our Help Centre, you can also contact our Member Services team by emailing

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