Activities Supported — Individuals

The Cultural Fund supports projects which provide career enhancing opportunities to individuals in the writing, publishing and visual arts sectors; and support for individual writers,and visual artists to create and develop new work.

We support the following activities through IGNITE grants and CREATE grants.

IGNITE grants:

  • Structured mentorships
  • Residencies with structured mentorship or structured learning opportunities
  • Participation in professional workshops, courses, and conferences relevant to an applicant’s practice and career development
  • Leadership opportunities in writing, publishing or the visual arts sectors
  • Internships

CREATE grants:

CREATE grants support mid-career and established writers and visual artists to create and develop new work. These grants are a form of living allowance.

The Cultural Fund will not support the following activities:

  • Participation in academic conferences or symposiums
  • Career development that is aligned with academic advancement and study
  • Work that is part of academic study
  • Project-based development (including exhibitions, publications and performances)
  • Book launches, exhibition openings, production costs, promotional tours
  • General or project-based research trips
  • Self-publishing costs or any costs associated with producing new work, including exhibition costs
  • Gallery tours
  • Attendance at events or conferences for networking or promotional purposes.
  • Foreign publisher/agent visits
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For further information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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