2020 Grants for Individuals



Recipient Amount funded Activity
Felicity Castagna $10,000 Sydney-based young adult author Felicity Castagna will develop her project The Faraway Highway. Written in a surrealist style, The Faraway Highway will explore our new reality, following the journey of children who move from the country to a futurist Parramatta, which has been overdeveloped and abandoned during a time when a pandemic made living in overcrowded cities a health hazard.
Bernard Cohen $20,000 NSW-based author Bernard Cohen will work on What was Normality?, a collection of short stories that draws on the COVID-19 crisis to explore the responses of individuals to major disruptions and traumas, and how these responses illuminate an understanding of normality and patterns of life.
Mandy Ord $15,000 Victoria-based author Mandy Ord will create a collection of original autobiographical comic stories that explore the power of this genre.
Ellena Savage $20,000 Victoria-based author Ellena Savage will work on her manuscript A Place to Live, a long-form work of hybrid and experimental nonfiction that blends various genres including lecture, essay and drama, to think through theories of place, property and belonging.
Nicholas Mangan $20,000 Victoria-based visual artist Nicholas Mangan will work on Core-Coralations, involving a year-long artistic research enquiry to elicit material testimonies contained within Antarctic ice bubbles and bleached coral samples from Far North Queensland to postulate effects of global climate change on ecological health.
Doris Thomas $10,000 Northern Territory-based visual artist Doris Thomas will create a stop-motion animation about the events of Titjikala Pension Day. The animation aims to illustrate what life is like in Titjikala, and many other remote communities across Central Australia.
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