2019 Grants for Individuals


Recipient Amount funded Activity
Winnie Dunn $5,000 Winnie will undertake a mentorship to develop Tongan-Australian literature in Western Sydney with Dr Michael Mohammed Ahmad and will develop her creative writing practice in prose and autobiographical fiction.
Madelaine Dickie $5,000 Madeleine will undertake a month-long structured residency at Arquetopia International Artists Residency in Oaxaca, Mexico and will complete a first draft of her third novel, a literary surf noir crime thriller set in Mexico and Western Australia.
Lisa Sammut $5,000 Lisa has received an eight-week structured Studio Program at Heima Art Residency (Iceland), a one–week intensive Mentorship in Video & Installation Art with Laure Prouvost (France) and a period of research at the Venice Biennale (Italy).
Janine Mikosza $4,800 Janine has received a six-month structured mentorship with US writer Sarah Sentilles to finish a full draft of her creative non-fiction manuscript, and aims to enhance her editing and revision skills, and to send a completed manuscript to agents and publishers by November 2019.
Kaitlyn Plyley $4,240 Kaitlyn will undertake a one-on-one structured mentorship with writer, editor and critic Fiona Wright to strengthen her abilities as a non-fiction writer and better equip her to navigate a writing career.
Ronnie Scott $4,000 Ronnie will work with mentor, Alexander Chee at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, after negotiating a novel mentorship structure, devising four ‘avenues of inquiry’ that will lead their in-person discussions on campus.
Alana Hunt $5,000 Alana will undertake a mentorship with Ross Gibson, an Australian writer, filmmaker and artist whose work engages with the history of environmental consciousness in colonial cultures, developing skills as a writer and artist. Alana will also undertake residencies with Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and Fremantle Art Centre on Western Australia. These residencies will equip Alana with new artistic, literary and research skills.
Michele Freeman $3,780 Michele has received support to work with mentor Catherine Cole, an Australian author, to complete a final draft of her manuscript, her first full-length novel set in Sydney’s Western suburbs.
Adele Dumont $2,640 Adele is supported for a two-week residency at the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre, as well as a mentorship, where Adele will review and develop her current manuscript, a collection of personal essays, to final draft stage.
Thom Roberts $5,000 Thom has been invited to undertake a structured residency at Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio in Cesana, Italy, by Director Chiara Guidi who, alongside Scott Wright, Artistic Director of Erth Visual and Physical Theatre, will work in collaboration to mentor Thom in new modes of storytelling, specifically using virtual reality (VR) technology.
Ellen O’Brien $1,980 Ellen has been invited to attend the Acts of Listening Lab at the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling in Tiohtiá:ke/Montréal, Quebec. As a visiting artist, Ellen will undertake an intensive mentorship developing her artistic practice and professional skills in a performance and innovation space that interrogates listening in post-conflict contexts.


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