2017 Grants for Individuals


Recipient Amount funded Activity
Michael Vale $10,000 Pseudo-Representational Painting & Post-Truth.

A project to create a suite of paintings that depict a parallel, absurdist universe combining humour with the dark grandeur of European romantic painting – apocalyptic landscapes populated by absurd figures from the public domain of comic-books, carnivals and cinema.

Suneeta Peres da Costa $20,000 This project involves research, including travel to North India, and draft development of a new novel which reimagines Virginia Woolf’s modernist classic, Mrs Dalloway, from an Indian postcolonial perspective.


Jonathan Jones $20,000 This project will look at creating a major installation that explores the Wiradjuri philosophy of dhawura (wind), created in collaboration with Dr Uncle Stan Grant Snr, leading Wiradjuri language expert and elder. The installation is planned for the 9th Asia Pacific Triennial at the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art over 2018–19 and will comprise multiple small sculptural objects and an immersive soundscape.



Recipient Amount funded Activity
Margie (MTC) Cronin $20,000 ‘The Dictionary of Rescued Ideas’ will offer poetic definitions of the everyday and will aim to creatively define things and concepts that we have consigned to the ordinary. Its intention is to take readers ‘by surprise’ into new territories of meaning – to make them think again about a world that deserves to be well thought about but is often lost in a language wearing the straightjacket of accepted usage.
Julia deVille $15,000 Wholeness and the Implicit Order, at the Linden Art Gallery in Melbourne, will be deVille’s largest installation to date. Creating an immersive environment using sound, smell and optical illusion, she reimagines the original Victorian rooms of the gallery with her taxidermy sculptures and including a zebra and baby giraffe.
Sally Morgan $20,000 Creating a collection of linked stories in verse, individual stories will be historically based and will examine the effects of colonisation on Aboriginal people. The focus of the stories is the Pilbara, where Sally’s family come from, and relate in some way to the experiences of Aboriginal people.



Recipient Amount funded Activity
Naomi Eller $5,000


A six-week residency at the NUOVE residency in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, during which I will be working towards curated exhibitions at the Museo d’Arte Contemporane, Lissone and at NUOVE art space.
Katherine Battersby $2,250


To attend the 2018 Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) Winter Conference in New York.
Rose Michael




To attend The Writer’s Hotel, a seven-day workshop in New York that offers an opportunity to attend lectures, presentations and workshops on pitching and presenting. The program’s unique point of difference is that authors present their works-in-progress (and published books) to hand-selected US agents and publishers via public readings and one-on-one meetings.
Owen Heitmann $1,800


To attend the 2017 Comic Art Workshop in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, where Owen was accepted following a competitive application process, benefitting from structured learning opportunities and skills development to apply to my work-in-progress graphic novel.



Recipient Amount funded Activity
Claudia Chaseling $1,500 Claudia Chaseling is a visual artist who specialises in Spatial Painting – reaching beyond the canvas and at the same time being political but abstract. Claudia has been invited to participate in the international Art Omi Residency in upstate New York, USA from 15 June – 11 July and this grant will allow her to take up the offer of residency.
Bianca Nogrady $3,000


For science journalist, Bianca Robinson, to attend the World Federation of Science Journalists biennial conference in San Francisco in late October 2017, which is the global body to represent and support science journalists. This is an opportunity to discuss challenges facing the profession, advance skills, share knowledge and strengthen individual networks.
Kate Sherington $2,500


Kate Sherington is the Digital Business Manager at Pan Macmillan Australia. This grant will enable Kate to attend the Digital Publishing Innovation Summit in London from 12-13 June 2017. The summit will focus on multi-channel publishing, monetisation and content discover in publishing, which are all challenges for the Australian book industry.
Georgia Saxelby $2,000


Georgia Saxelby is an interactive installation artist whose practice examines the ritual traditions and sacred spaces of ancient and living cultures. This support will allow Georgia to take up a six-week structured mentorship with renowned architect, Travis Price, in Washington, USA. She will also speak at the 9th International Architecture, Culture and Spirituality Symposium in Maine, USA.
Rochelle Haley $2,000


Rochelle Haley works with experimental drawing, painting and performance. This grant will enable Rochelle to undertake a structured workshop and practical experimentation with research Sang-won Leigh at the Fluid Interfaces Group, MIT Media Lab, Boston USA from 28 June – 7 July.
Philippa Mott $4,000


Philippa Mott is a curatorial assistant at the Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania. This grant will enable Philippa to participate in a summer intensive course, “Criticism and Curating in Art & Design”, at the Royal College of Art, London, in June 2017.
Mizz De Zoysa-Lewis $4,000


Mizz De Zoysa-Lewis is the Managing Director of Insight Publications, an educational publisher based in Melbourne. Mizz has received funding to attend the Yale Publishing Course, Strategic Leadership in Book Publishing, which is an intensive week-long program dedicated to helping publishing professionals lead in an increasingly global, digital environment.
Sharon Huebner $2,000


Sharon Huebner is a writer and this grant will facilitate a mentorship with established writer, Kim Scott, and cultural advisor, Ezzard Flowers. The joint mentorship will support the final development and submission of a manuscript that is currently under contract by a publisher.


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