Commonwealth, State and Territory Government

The Copyright Act enables Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments (the Crown) to make an unlimited number of uses of copyright material for the services of government.

This is known as the Statutory Government Licence.

Under this Licence, Commonwealth, State and Territory government departments and agencies are eligible to copy and share materials internally if the activity is for the services of the government. By providing this Licence for government, the Copyright Act aims to balance the copying needs of government with the rights of creators.

Since Copyright Agency has been declared by the Copyright Tribunal as the collecting society for government reproductions and authorised by its members for government communications, government departments and agencies are not required to notify copyright owners of certain use when they have entered into an agreement for fair compensation to the content creators with the Copyright Agency.
Refer to What Do the Agreements Allow.


Click the relevant link to see which departments and agencies are covered by fair compensation agreements.


Are you a local government agency?

Go to our Copyright Licences fo Local Government page to find out more.

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