Data for distribution

We use different data for different distributions, depending on the data available to us.

Categories of data for distribution

We broadly categorise data for distribution as:

  1. transactional licence data (information about a licence for a single work)
  2. full records (information about each use under a ‘blanket’ total repertoire licence)
  3. survey data (information about usage by samples of licensees): see here
  4. indicative data (information from other sources about content available to a licensee class)

Sources of indicative data

Sources currently used include:

  • supply of digital press clippings
  • library holdings provided by the TAFE sector
  • library holdings and lendings collated and provided by the National Library
  • sales data from Nielsen BookScan
  • information from rightsholders about their published works, available for copying by licensees.
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