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Copyright Agency is an expert in rights management for visual artists. As a member, we help you look after the rights in your work and ensure you receive fair payment for its use.

We offer two types of copyright management services: visual arts licensing and statutory licensing for education and government. We also manage the Resale Royalty Scheme for visual artists.

With an extensive network of licensing customers, 20 years in licensing negotiations and product development, we are focused on ensuring that your work receives the recognition, respect and financial reward it deserves.

As part of an extensive network of visual arts management organisations around the world, you may receive licence fees for the use of your work overseas.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we keep our costs low to ensure maximum returns to you.

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Learn more about how membership works for Art Centres and Beneficiaries & Agents.

Find out about our Image Royalty Claims to see if you’re entitled to share in royalties if your work has been used in publications or on TV.

Note: Viscopy formally merged with the Copyright Agency on 30 November 2017. Read our post, Everything Visual Artists need to know about our recent merger.

Get advice and help

If you’d like to know more, go to our visual arts section on our online Help Centre.

The Australian Copyright Council publishes information sheets and detailed guides, offers a legal advice service and runs an annual training program.

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Reg Mombassa

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Reg Mombassa

Viscopy • Visual Arts

Copyright is important to me. While I don’t mind people being influenced by my work or appropriating it with permission, blatant unauthorised commercial rip-offs can be irritating and insulting.

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