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As a Visual Artist, membership entitles you to licence fees from:

  • Viscopy licences (e.g. to public galleries and auction houses)
  • educational and government use of images in TV broadcasts under statutory licences if you are not a Screenrights member
  • educational and government use of images under copying schemes (statutory licences)
  • uses of images overseas under licence schemes managed by international affiliates.

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Note: Viscopy formally merged with the Copyright Agency on 30 November 2017 or read our post Everything Visual Artists need to know about our recent merger.

Get advice and help

The Australian Copyright Council publishes information sheets and detailed guides, offers a legal advice service and runs an annual training program.

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Reg Mombassa

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Reg Mombassa

Viscopy • Visual Arts

Copyright is important to me. While I don’t mind people being influenced by my work or appropriating it with permission, blatant unauthorised commercial rip-offs can be irritating and insulting.

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