FAQs for Create Grants


  • Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents
  • Self-published works do not count towards eligibility
  • Applicants may submit one application per round to the Cultural Fund provided they have already acquitted any outstanding Cultural Fund grants
  • Creative writers can apply to write their second book in the following literary genres: fiction, poetry, children’s literature, young adult literature, picture book illustration, graphic novels, playwriting, literary non-fiction and writing for performance (plays only).
    • Authors must have professionally published/performed only ONE full-length work of their own creative writing (including professionally presented plays) by an Australian-based publisher/theatre company
  • Visual artists with no more than three solo exhibitions can apply to create a new work for exhibition.
    • Visual artists must have no more than THREE solo exhibitions in public or commercial galleries (this should not include group shows)

Amount of grant: $20,000

  • Up to four grants will be awarded in 2024

For deadlines and eligibility guidelines, please click here.

I have published work in literary journals and magazines – am I eligible for a Create Grant?

  • Not unless you have published one  full-length work of your own writing. Work published in anthologies does not count towards your eligibility for the Create Grant.

Can I apply for a Create Grant to write for an academic journal?

  • No. Create Grants support the creation of creative work and are not intended to support academics with scholarly or academic works that are for an academic audience.

Does writing a film script fall within the eligible category of creative writing?

  • No. Create Grants support creative writing and writing for performance (plays). The Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund does not support film writing.

If two people are working on a collaboration, can we apply for one grant together?

  • Yes, two people can apply
  • However, it is preferable for you to nominate just one eligible person on the application form. Both applicants must fulfil the eligibility requirements.

What is a full-length work?

  • A full-length work can be a work of fiction or literary non-fiction, a children’s or young adult book, a book of poetry, a play etc all written by the one author

What isn’t a full-length work?

  • A full-length work is NOT one story in an anthology; a story in a literary journal; one story in a published book of short stories

What’s involved in the peer assessment process?

  • Applications are assessed by a panel of independent peers from the writing, publishing, and visual arts sectors with broad experience
  • Peers will assess all applications for their literary or artistic merit
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