Luke Jurevicius

The transition into animation felt quite natural. It’s so thrilling to see your still images and concepts come to life, [but] there’s always pencil to paper in the initial stages of production.

Matthew Sandblom

If you do it right, there are lots of things you can do online that tech-savvy students find more appealing than print-based material.

Adele Horin

Every journalist worth their salt writes to make a difference.

Melinda Harper [Photo © Bryan Sun]

Melinda Harper

Copyright is very important to an artist; it provides an income and acknowledgement. It protects the work and the artist’s intentions.

Photo by Bryan Sun

Ann James [Photo © Bryan Sun]

Ann James (AM)

I am curious to see what happens when my hand seems to take over the lead from my head. I am excited by the accidents, surprises and tangents that have me seeing new possibilities.

Photo by Bryan Sun

Hazel Edwards [Photo © Bryan Sun]

Hazel Edwards

To be a successful author, you need to be business-like about your rights, and gain ‘authorpreneurship’ skills.

Photo by Bryan Sun

Judith Rodriguez [Photo © Bryan Sun]

Judith Rodriguez

I’m continually surprised by the way ideas flower, change, form something living and new as you word them. I think it’s what I do best. You’ve got to give something to the world – poetry is my offering.

Photo by Bryan Sun

Kirsten Lees

Kirsten Lees

Because writing for a living is a craft. Ideas may drop from the sky, but unless you craft them for your audience they risk languishing lifelessly on your laptop. It is a craft learned with practice, experience and endless feedback from generous friends and mentors.

Image Credit: Author Fellow, Rodney Hall. Photo by Ross Bird. Non-Fiction Fellow, Krissy Kneen. Photo by Anthony Mullins. Visual Artist Fellow, Khaled Sabsabi. Photo by Khaled Sabsabi.

Image Credit: 2020 Reading Australia Fellow, Karen Yager. Photo by Paul Wright.

Image Credit: Created using Shutterstock and Unsplash.

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