Updates on our cases in the Tribunal

October 28, 2020

Copyright Agency would like to update members on the actions that have been proceeding in the Copyright Tribunal.

Firstly, the Tribunal was scheduled to sit for three weeks from 12 October in relation to the copyright fees payable by the three major media monitoring organisations (Isentia, Meltwater and Streem) for the use of news content.

The hearing has since been adjourned until a future date, because Streem and Copyright Agency settled their case by reaching a new licensing agreement. The other parties have requested time to consider their respective cases in light of that agreement.

Secondly, the hearing in our action against the 39 universities represented by Universities Australia (UA) ran for three weeks from 7 September.

Copyright Agency asked the Tribunal to determine: 1) the amount payable for the copying and communication of copyright works by the Universities; and 2) the design of the data collection scheme to be used in the future.

Justice Perram, Deputy President of the Copyright Tribunal, noted that no decision would be made this calendar year. Copyright Agency would like to thank the members who assisted in the preparation of the case, particularly those who gave evidence at the hearing.

We will continue to update you on these cases as they progress.

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