Get your royalty claim information to us by end of April

March 25, 2022

The annual Artist Distribution (formerly Image Royalty Claim) will be paid in June.

Artists can register works in their online account, by letting us know where their images have appeared on websites or in magazines, newspapers, or books/eBooks. Creators need to have retained their copyright and meet other eligibility criteria to qualify. Read more about eligibility requirements here.

For increased convenience, members can now easily add new works anytime throughout the year via their online account on the member portal, but for those works you’d like us to know about before the next payment, register these by the end of April.

​​​​Remember, you do not need to register any works you have in the past. Log in to register new works here.

The money for the Artists Distribution comes from the education sector, the government and businesses that pay copyright licence fees to the Copyright Agency. It does not include transactional and one-off licences provided through Copyright Agency’s Visual Arts licencing services.

More information about the Writers’ and Artists Distributions can be found here.

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