Client Service Charter

We are committed to providing high quality services to our clients and the wider community.

Our Client Service Charter sets out the service standards that you can expect from us and how we will deliver these services to you.

Service standards

Service to our clients is paramount. We aim to provide you with the highest level of assistance across our range of  services.

We have set the following service standards so that members, clients, licensees and the wider community know what to expect when dealing with us.

We are committed to:

  • providing excellent customer service
  • improving our processes and procedures
  • delivering timely, accurate and efficient services and
  • looking for new ways to provide better services for our clients and the wider community.

Our service to you

We strive to always treat clients fairly and honestly. As a result, our services to clients aim to be:

  • efficient
  • accurate, and
  • reliable.

We aim to make our contact with clients:

  • timely
  • professional
  • courteous, and
  • fair.

Our staff aim to:

  • be accessible
  • provide accurate and meaningful information, and
  • accept and respond to your feedback.

You can contact us by phone, email, mail or through our social media networks. You can make an appointment to meet with one of our Client Relations Officers if you need to.

When contacting us by phone, we aim to respond to you either at the first point of contact or within one (1) working day.

We will respond to all other correspondence within seven (7) working days.

If we cannot respond to your query within this timeframe, we will acknowledge your communication, let you know why we cannot fully respond and give you an estimated time when you can expect a more detailed response.


Our sample schemes measure how much and what copyright material is copied by our licensees and how much each member is entitled to claim from our distributions for that copying.

Our sampling and information management system aims to be:

  • accurate
  • transparent and
  • fair

Our sampling and information management schemes are run in accordance with industry approved sampling methodology. Find out more about sampling and surveys here.

Our distributions

Our distribution policy sets out:

  • how entitlements to payment are calculated
  • how and when members will be paid, and
  • deductions from revenue before distribution

We aim to ensure our distribution system is:

  • transparent
  • consistent, and
  • expedient.

We aim to send payments for correctly completed claim forms to members within four (4) weeks of the claim form being received by us. Find out more about our how we distribute royalties.


Our copying licences provide access to rights cleared content and information.

Our licences aim to be:

  • flexible
  • easy to use, and
  • cost effective.

Find out more about our licensing products.


Communicating with our clients is of significant importance to us. We work hard to increase the understanding of copyright in the community and promotes the contribution that creators make.

We aim to:

  • provide simple and clear information in plain English
  • consult with clients about issues that we and rightsholders face
  • create opportunities for dialogue between our organisation and our clients
  • make it easy for you to communicate with and provide information to us, and
  • make communications and publications available via our website or upon request.

We value our relationships with clients and aims to resolve complaints and disputes to the satisfaction of members, licensees and us.

Our Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution procedures are available to all members and licensees and aim to ensure:

  • our dealings with you are fair and transparent
  • clients know their rights
  • complaints and disputes are dealt with quickly, and
  • clients are kept informed about the progress and outcomes of their complaint or dispute.

Our staff will provide any member or licensee with all reasonable assistance when formulating or lodging a complaint.

For further information, see our Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution Procedures.


We go to considerable effort to protect the privacy of its clients. We comply with all applicable legislation relating to privacy and ensure that a ll information we keep relating to clients and members is accurate, regularly maintained and up to date.

We use the information we keep about clients to support the services we provide to our clients.Clients are able to access their personal information that is kept by us , subject to the privacy interests of other members.
For further information, see our Privacy page.

Client rights


Membership is free. If you are a creator of copyright material, or own or control the rights to copyright material, you are eligible to join .

As a member, you have the right to be treated fairly, honestly, impartially, courteously and in accordance with our Constitution and the terms of your Membership Agreement.

Find out more about becoming a member.


As a licensee, you have the right to be treated fairly, honestly, impartially, courteously, and in accordance with our Constitution and any licence agreement.

You have the right to access information about our licences or licence schemes, including the terms and conditions applying to them, and the manner in which we collect remuneration and/or licence fees for the use of copyright material.

Find out more about our Licences.


As a valued client, it is your responsibility to abide by any responsibilities set out under:

  • our Constitution
  • any Membership Agreement
  • any licence agreements, and
  • applicable laws and legislation.

Licensees and other users of copyright materials are obliged to respect the creators and rightsholders of materials being used. This includes the obligation to reward creators and rightsholders for the use of their works.


We take our client service standards seriously and welcomes feedback and suggestions from clients and the community about the Charter or any other aspect of our business.

You can send your feedback to or contact us.

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