Code of Conduct

Copyright Agency is a signatory to the Code of Conduct for Copyright Collecting Societies administered by the Code Reviewer, the Hon Dr Kevin Lindgren AM QC.

The code is designed to ensure that the rights of all members and licensees are clearly stated, and that the operations of collecting societies are transparent and accessible.

The Code of Conduct, developed in 2002, includes Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution procedures that collecting societies must follow.

Each year, the Copyright Agency prepares a report for the Code Reviewer on how it has complied with the Code of Conduct. Follow this link to download the Copyright Agency’s report to the Code Reviewer on compliance with the Code in 2017–18.

Follow this link to download the Code of Conduct

Code Reviewer

The current Code Reviewer is the Hon Dr Kevin Lindgren AM QC, a former judge of the Federal Court and President of the Copyright Tribunal.

Annual review of compliance with Code

Each collecting society’ compliance with the Code is reviewed each year by the Code Reviewer.

The process includes:

  • a report by each society on its compliance with the Code
  • calls for submissions from members, licensees and others affected by the activities of copyright collecting societies
  • a report by the Code Reviewer, published on each society’s website

Download Copyright Agency’s report to the Code Reviewer on compliance with the Code in 2017–18.

Download Code Reviewer’s Compliance Report 2018

Reports on compliance with the Code

Making a submission

Licensees, members and others can make a submission to the Code Reviewer about a collecting society’s compliance with the Code of Conduct. Submissions are due by the end of July each year.

Post submissions to: The Code Reviewer, Suite 704, 4 Young Street, Neutral Bay NSW 2089, Australia, or email:

Triennial Review of Code itself

At least once every three years, the Code Reviewer invites submissions from collecting societies, their members and licensees on whether there are any amendments that are necessary or desirable to improve the operation of the Code.

The most recent review was in 2017.

Copyright Agency made submissions in response to amendments to the Code sought by the NSW Government and Copyright Advisory Group to COAG Education Council:

Reports of Triennial reviews of Code itself

Other reports on compliance and triennial reviews

See previous Code Reviewer Reports on the Screenrights website. If you wish to be emailed previous Code Review Reports, please contact us.

10 December 2018