Whistleblowing Disclosure Form

Copyright Agency is committed to operating legally and ethically, and will protect and respect the rights and confidentiality of Whistleblowers in accordance with our Whistleblowers Policy.

This form is used to make a Protected Disclosure: an act of disclosing or reporting the conduct of an organisation, its activities or information that may be deemed misconduct, illegal, unethical or dishonest. In considering whether to use this form, you should review the organisation’s Complaints Procedure & Policy first to see if it is more appropriate to raise your matter via this process.

Whistleblowers are eligible for protections when they make Protected Disclosures under the Corporations Act. If you are making a Protected Disclosure, we will not reveal your identity or the contents of your report to others unless you consent to us doing so, or we are required or authorised by law to do so. For the purposes of facilitating two-way communication, updates, follow-up questions or information we may need from you during an investigation process, we encourage you to provide your name and contact details; however, you may choose to remain anonymous if you wish.