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NamePseudonymDOBLicensing Restrictions
W-System Studio, SROW-System Studio, SRO; W-System Studio, s.r.o.; s.r.o. W-System StudioSubmit request
Waag, Anne MarieWaag, Anne Marie; Anne Marie Waag1966Submit request
Waage, JiriWAAGE, JiRi; JiRi WAAGESubmit request
Waage, Siw MWaage, Siw M; Waage, Siw M.; Siw M. Waage1963Submit request
Waageova, BohunkaWAAGEOVA, Bohunka; Bohunka WAAGEOVASubmit request
Waalkens, AlieWaalkens, Alie; Alie Waalkens1958Submit request
Wabaeck, MandraWabaeck, Mandra; Mandra Wabaeck1970Submit request
Wabbes, JulesWabbes, Jules; Jules WabbesSubmit request
Wachall, JacquelineWachall, Jacqueline; Jacqueline Wachall1965Submit request
Wachholder, PierreWACHHOLDER, Pierre; Pierre WACHHOLDERSubmit request
Wachholz, ThomasWachholz, Thomas; Thomas Wachholz1984Submit request
Wachholz, AdrianeWachholz, Adriane; Adriane Wachholz1979Submit request
Wachholz, HelgaWachholz, Helga; Helga Wachholz1936Submit request
Wachmann, Wiebke MariaWachmann, Wiebke Maria; Wiebke Maria Wachmann1969Submit request
Wachsmann, CorneliaWachsmann, Cornelia; Cornelia Wachsmann1972Submit request
Wachsmuth, SimonWachsmuth, Simon; Simon Wachsmuth1964Submit request
Wachter, Heinrich HeinzWachter, Heinrich Heinz; Wächter, Heinrich Heinz; Heinrich Heinz Wächter1904Submit request
Wachter, CornelWachter, Cornel; Cornel Wachter1961Submit request
Wachter, EmilWachter, Emil; Emil Wachter1921Submit request
Wachter, BettinaWachter, Bettina; Wächter, Bettina; Bettina Wächter1969Submit request
Wachter, ChristineWachter, Christine; Wächter, Christine; Christine Wächter1959Submit request
Wachtler, ChristaWachtler, Christa; Wächtler, Christa; Christa Wächtler1937Submit request
Wachtler, PeterWachtler, Peter; Wächtler, Peter; Peter Wächtler1979Submit request
Wachtmeister, Dianne DorothyWachtmeister, Dianne Dorothy; Dianne Dorothy Wachtmeister1931Submit request
Wachtmeister, UllaWachtmeister, Ulla; Ulla Wachtmeister1926Submit request
Wachtmeister, AnnKOSKULL; Wachtmeister, Ann; Ann Wachtmeister1944Submit request
Wachweger, ThomasWachweger, Thomas; Thomas Wachweger1943Submit request
Wack, SiegfriedWack, Siegfried; Siegfried Wack1903Submit request
Wacker, ReinhardReinhard Wacker; Wacker, Reinhard1969Submit request
Wackerbarth, HorstWackerbarth, Horst; Horst Wackerbarth1950Submit request

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