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NamePseudonymDOBLicensing Restrictions
Yacoel, YvesSARAWEB; YACOEL, Yves; Yves YACOEL; SARAWEB1952Submit request
Yacono, Anne-SophieYACONO, Anne-Sophie; Anne-Sophie YACONO1987Submit request
Yadda, DeborahYadda, Deborah; Deborah YaddaSubmit request
Yadegar-Youssefi, AliYadegar-Youssefi, Ali; Ali Yadegar-Youssefi1946Submit request
Yagues Fernandez, MoisesYagues Fernandez, Moises; Yagues, Moises1972Submit request
Yagues Fernandez, Jose Antonio AntonioPepe Yagües; Yagues Fernandez, Jose Antonio Antonio; Yagües Fernández, José Antonio Antonio; José Antonio Yagües Fernández1968Submit request
Yagun, MarieMarie Yagan; Yagun, Marie; Marie Yagun1930Submit request
Yagun, BarbaraBarbara Yagan; Yagun, Barbara; Barbara Yagun1959Submit request
Yahiaoui, KamelYAHIAOUI, Kamel; Kamel YAHIAOUI1966Submit request
Yai, Margaret YaiYai, Margaret Yai; Margaret Yai YaiSubmit request
Yakarlarrwuy, Margaret WamutjanYakarlarrwuy, Margaret Wamutjan; Margaret Wamutjan YakarlarrwuySubmit request
Yakiti, Yangkuyi IsobelYakiti, Yangkuyi Isobel; Yangkuyi Isobel YakitiSubmit request
Yakiti, CeceliaPantjiti Yakiti; Yakiti, Cecelia; Cecelia Yakiti; Pantjiti Yakiti1974Submit request
Yakushev, SergeyYakushev, Sergey; Sergey Yakushev1956Submit request
Yalandhu, ThomasYalandhu, Thomas; Thomas Yalandhu1966Submit request
Yalandja, OwenYalandja, Owen; Owen YalandjaSubmit request
Yalbarr, MickeyYalbarr, Mickey; Mickey Yalbarr1961Submit request
Yalcin, ErkanYalcin, Erkan; Erkan YalcinSubmit request
Yaldi, WilliamYaldi, William; William YaldiSubmit request
Yalkarriwuy, Gali GamarangYalkarriwuy, Gali Gamarang; Gali Gamarang YalkarriwuySubmit request
Yalkin, SuaviYalkin, Suavi; Suavi Yalkin1937Submit request
Yalngarra, StephanieYalngarra, Stephanie; Stephanie Yalngarra1986Submit request
Yalngarra, Stephen GalikaliYalngarra, Stephen Galikali; Stephen Galikali Yalngarra1986Submit request
Yaltangki, EdithYaltangki, Edith; Edith YaltangkiSubmit request
Yaltangki, TigerYaltangki, Tiger; Tiger Yaltangki1973Submit request
Yaltangki, PimpiYaltangki, Pimpi; Pimpi YaltangkiSubmit request
Yaltangki, TillyYaltangki, Tilly; Tilly Yaltangki1949Submit request
Yaltangki, EdnaYaltangki, Edna; Edna YaltangkiSubmit request
Yaltjanki, RoyYaltjanki, Roy; Roy YaltjankiSubmit request

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