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NamePseudonymDOBLicensing Restrictions
Xander, Heinz PeterXander, Heinz Peter; Heinz Peter XanderSubmit request
Xart I Casanova, Josep MariaXart; Xart I Casanova, Josep Maria1948Submit request
Xi, Leif IngeLeif Inge; Xi, Leif Inge; Leif Inge Xi1970Submit request
Xie, KequnKerr Shell; Xie, Kequn; Kequn Xie1976Submit request
Ximenez, MargaYukimaro; Ximenez, Marga1950Submit request
Xiong, WeiAlvin Xiong; Xiong, Alvin; Xiong, Wei1987Submit request
Xu, LeiCharlie; Xu, Lei; Lei Xu1969Submit request
Xu, Maoenxuxinxin; Luna; XU, MAOEN; MAOEN XUSubmit request

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Restricted and excluded artworks

Some artworks will require prior approval or are excluded from licensing by Copyright Agency. We will advise you when this is the case. More information can be found here.

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